User Commands
Pacific Northwest 220Mhz Repeater Network
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User Commands
NOTE: These commands do not apply to the RF linked repeaters.
The PNW220 repeaters are controlled by DTMF commands consisting of one or more digits followed by a number sign.
The system is divided into several modules each performing a specific task.
You activate a module by sending its module ID followed by a number sign.
Most modules will play their help message if a 0 is sent while the module is active.
    Identify Repeater
        Identify repeater and give date and time.
Sending a single star will make the system identify itself.
    System Help
0#      Activate system Help
Send # to leave help.
1#      Activate Parrot
01#   Help on Parrot module
The parrot module plays back everything you say. This can be used as a simplex repeater or just to hear how your modulation sounds.
If you send a DTMF command to the Parrot module it will read back the received digits.
Exit Parrot mode with a single #
    Meteorological Terminal Air Report (METAR)
5#      Activate METAR information
05#    Help on METAR
With Metar information you are able to request worldwide weather information from ICAO weatherstations provided by NOAA.
Currently available stations are:
#                    1#       2#       3#       4#       5#       6#     7#
To get a list of predefined stations send 01# while the METAR module is active.
To request METAR info from an available station issue the station number followed by a #.
Example:  For Bellingham activate METAR with 5# and send 7# after it's active.
Not issuing a station number will result in a default of KSEA.
Send a single number sign to leave the module.
    Additional non module related commands
In addition there are a number of built-in commands not associated with modules
that return information about the repeater.
788#    Raspberry pi CPU and UPS status.
401#    Outside Temperature
402#    Indoor Temperature
403#    Transmitter PA Temperature
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